Posted by: onefromspirit | February 10, 2017

Intuition challenge

So I’ve been doing something lately that I thought might be fun for you too. You know how you try to follow your intuition but then don’t. Well, I’m working harder to listen, really listen if you know what I mean. Originally, I was going to challenge myself to 30 days of following my intuition where ever it took me. And then I procrastinated starting the challenge. Now it’s my crazy busy season so I have a great excuse to wait but I don’t want an excuse. I want to start. So I have. So far it’s going well and surprisingly my world didn’t stop turning ~ not yet at least.

I have noticed as the hours turn into days listening gets easier. I have become more relaxed into it. Sort of when you’re meditating and you go a little deeper and then again deeper still. Writing this post for example. I’ve been thinking about posting here for longer than I’ve been doing the challenge but kept putting it off. Today when I felt the push, I just started writing. So I’m sorry if it’s not my best writing. It’s just me saying to you, want to try it too? Warning: you might be moved to a level of honesty you didn’t think was acceptable, hugs will happen, people my cry, you might rest (gasp!)

I would love a check-in. Are there other crazy people out there who aspire to listen?



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