Posted by: onefromspirit | May 6, 2013

Religion …………….such an illusion

Lately I have been surrounded by religion. Maybe that’s always the case but recently I have been noticing.

A friend’s son died and the service was at “their” Episcopal church. My friend worked for one of the local new age gurus and took all the available courses. I guess I expected the service to reflect that in some way. Instead I was transported back in time. I was raised Episcopal with Roman Catholic accents. Going to the memorial service was like stepping back in time. For me, that was an awful feeling but  please know that nothing terrible happened to me with regard to the Episcopal Church. The Church ladies loved me. It was a safe place for me. But it is not me anymore and hasn’t been for a long, long time.  I think for most people there is a comfort in the familiar and there are some familiars that I cherish too. But not in my study of metaphysics and the nature of reality or should I say non-ordinary reality. There was a part of me that desperately wanted to help them out of their time warp but I realize they don’t want or need my help.

About a week after the church experience, my daughter was invited to a party at a school friend’s house. She has started at a new school and I don’t know the other families. I do have a friend whose daughter was also invited so I asked her about the single Mom who had invited my daughter. She assured me that I had nothing to worry about by saying, Oh, she’s Jewish; no worries. Okay, since when is the fact that someone is Jewish, Christian, Hindu or please insert the religion on the tip of your tongue a test of whether it will be safe for my daughter to attend a party. Haven’t enough horrible things happened in the name of religions that we can stop acting like they are a moral barometer  I am not any of these religions and I have made that choice consciously. I find them all to be a bit like team sports. Highly overrated and people tend to get caught up in them.

I used to attend a metaphysical school and we had a time in the class that was called show and tell. Basically you could share something about your week that felt significant. It could be something funny, poignant, troubling, etc. I miss show and tell. I miss being about to talk opening about my adventure into non-ordinary reality. I am surrounded by religion and am so far out of the box that it all feels foreign and a little crazy to me.

Don’t forget to breathe!


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