Posted by: onefromspirit | April 3, 2013

When we all get together, what fun it will be!

Life has been interesting since I’ve worked with soul retrieval. For a couple of days afterward, I was so outspoken that I was almost combatant.  And don’t even try to dismiss me. Then there’s the steady stream of information that has been coming my way. I’ve found that many women who have suffered through preeclampsia in their pregnancies have struggled with the same problems that I have. I’ve also found that we’re had a much higher risk for many diseases and conditions. Did my trustworthy doctors share this with me?? No way, I had to read this on the web in medical papers.

What does this mean to me? Someone who believes it’s all energy. Someone who believes living in an illusion creates issues that we usually don’t even realize we have until much later. It means that I’ve been checking in so often to my intuition and my non-ordinary reality peeps that I’m not sure how much I’ve been here.

I’ve had many aha moments but one in particular that I want to share right now. I’ve always heard through my shamanic work and studying that soul fracture, disconnection, loss, etc comes from trauma, pain, fear, etc. I’ve formed a new opinion about this and I realize that this is just my opinion but it just feel right through and through. When we come here we know that there will be trauma, pain, fear, loss and all manner of scary stuff but we have a plan or at least depending on your beliefs, can formulate a plan. I think the fracture comes when we step away and refuse to engage with our path. I’ve even heard people say that they’ve lost their way or even themselves. They need to find themselves. On some level when we give up on the plan, the path, the lesson ~ however you see it, a part of us says that’s fine. I’ll just wait over here until you’re done or until you’re ready to engage again. Let’s engage! And don’t forget to breathe, xo.


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