Posted by: onefromspirit | January 4, 2013

Out of your brain thinking

You’re in a crisis situation and suddenly you react in a way that is brilliant, only you didn’t think of the solution in your head. You were inspired. You could almost feel the solution come to you. What happened?? Was it your higher self, an angel, your guides, God? I like all of the above or does it really matter where it comes from. For some people the where is all important but I’m not sure that we have a large enough perspective in our current space to know that answer in the here now.  So, for me anyway, I think the better goal would be how to tap into that energy on a more consistent basis.

What works? For me I’ve found that the more mindful I become, the more out-of-the-brain thinking seems to occur. There are many paths to mindfulness. Meditations for everyone. You can do sitting, walking, chanting, movement meditations like Qi gong, guided visualization or vibrational meditation just to name a few types. Also within each type there are many possibilities.  There is a path to mindfulness for you. Explore what speaks to you.

Another thing that helps me with mindfulness is having a clear out. Cleaning up the outer clutter seems to help my inner clutter find some order. I also feel more connected to everything when I’ve cleaned, sorted, donated and freecycled. It’s about making space but it’s also about sharing the possessions that I no longer need or want with others who do.

You don’t need a crisis to tap into this energy. I think that perhaps when we’re in that stressed state our brain chatter stops long enough for some inspiration to get though. Practice feeling the connection to that energy, regardless of what you name it. Find some quiet time and reach out or better yet quietly settle in and invite it to come to you. Find that space within you to expand to the possibilities and don’t forget to breathe.

Love & Light


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