Posted by: onefromspirit | November 6, 2012

Free Will, Part 2

After my previous posting about free will, two articles from authors I love came to me. Thank you Universe! I needed that.

So my thoughts on Free Will are yes we have Free Will, at least on the level of will I have tofu scramble or pancakes for breakfast. I pondered for a bit over writing this follow-up post. I chose to write the follow-up. It was interesting to me to see that after reading my post yesterday that several bloggers wrote their own posts on Free Will. Cosmically, I think it gets more complicated than we can grasp from our limited perspective although we get some mind-blowing fragments at times. I do believe that all will be okay, is okay, was okay and that Kelly Sammy in her near death experience being told that we can’t make a mistake here probably means just that. We are here to experience and no lasting harm can come from that experience.  Hey, don’t forget to breathe.


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