Posted by: onefromspirit | November 5, 2012

Free will or not

So, somehow, being on this planet for five decades, I’ve always held that there is free will. It was never an issue for me during all my reading, studying, exploring and then I watched a series of videos from the woman named Kelly Sammy about her near death experience. I’m not sure why but her insistence that there is no free will has me perplexed.

No free will; then why bother, oh wait, I guess it’s not up to me because there’s no free will. So this whole journey was planned out before with no variations, no room for Plan B, really? How about the times when I am just caught up in day-to-day who cares blah, blah, blah? That was planned? Why? There isn’t a better use of Universal energy than that. Even the thought makes me somewhat sad.

All of the work with my guides, was that planned or are they part of my illusion of free will. Why have the illusion of free will? Why come at all??? What do you think. And please don’t forget to breathe.



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