Posted by: onefromspirit | February 8, 2012

David Simon died last week…………….

Death doesn’t scare me; perhaps the act of dying does give me some pause. When David Simon died last week, it renewed my realization of just how little control we have over our life here. Maybe we did plan this all out before we came here or made some sort of agreement but once here we don’t recall that agreement. It reminds one of the biblical “why has thou forsaken me.” David Simon was brilliant and shared his brilliance, love and warmth with the world. I guess I thought that if anyone could control the path of their lives, it would be Deepak and David. To grow old gracefully and become even more wizened sages. Cool to the nth degree, well at least to me. To show us all that it could be done; that aging is an illusion.

So I guess it all comes back to how should we live our lives here and that brings us back to the same old question, why are we here? Is this an illusion; a dream of a bored godhead. If that is the case does it matter at all what we do or don’t do. Perhaps we should try to be as amusing as possible? Is it a game that we play with our “friends” and if so then how do we win? And once again, does it matter at all what we do or don’t do. Perhaps it is a school and we are to learn to be a certain way or to gather certain attributes. If that was the case it would be helpful if we were sent along with some study materials.

With the absence of those study materials or any definitive clues, what do we have. For me it always comes down to my feelings. Why is it that some actions in life feel right and others don’t feel so good? Some things that we do sustain us while others leave us drained. Is it okay to build a life around the good feeling actions and to limit the draining ones. Many of the good feeling actions involve helping others not just lying in hammock all day sipping lemonade although some of that would be nice. I’ve noticed the nice ones don’t haunt me. You know what I mean. The monkey mind that keeps us from focusing in the moment and robs us of our restorative sleep. What would life be like without those and how do we create that life. First I think that we have to reach some sort of realness within ourselves so that we are honestly able to feel the difference quickly and clearly. How can we do this? Since it’s our internal or personal guidance system that we are talking about I think that we need to go there and spend some good quality time there. We need to limit distractions. Stop watching and listening to the sky is falling news. That creates bad feelings within us when whatever is happening doesn’t actually directly affect our lives. What is wrong right now, in this moment. Stay in the moment. Feel the vastness inside each moment. Keep bring yourself back to this moment. Treat yourself as a small child just setting out on your journey. What would be good exposures? Art, music, dancing, nature, playing in the water, building sandcastles, making beautiful delicious food, loving encounters, quiet reflection, sweet puppy kisses, sunrises and sunsets and so on. The list is really up to what you love and what nurtures your soul. Limit your time spent with negative people and that is not possible learn to put that person in perspective. It is not you; it is them. It is not your feelings; it is their feelings. My Mom always said consider the source. It’s good advice. Some people aren’t ready to embrace life with joy and that’s okay because it’s their life and they can do it the way they want, just the way you get to live your life the way you want.

Of course, none of this answers the many whys of death. I always feel that some questions are just to vast for our current perspective and I think this causes many of our sadness and fear. I think that is why so many people flock to religions but that is a discussion for another day.


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