Posted by: onefromspirit | January 4, 2011

A New Year….

For many of my adult years, I’ve struggled with the New Year’s Celebration with much of it’s focus on resolutions and such. I wouldn’t really think about it much and then on New Year’s Eve or worse, New Year’s Day someone would give me pen and paper to record my resolutions. I was just not prepared. So I’ve been trying a different strategy. Starting in the fall, I begin thinking about my year. What worked, what bombed, what did I love, like, hate, etc, etc. What excites me? I accumulate all of those ideas, answers, dreams and then when the New Year comes I am ready to begin to implement my new ideas and let go of habits and beliefs that no longer serve me. This year I am also completing a dream or vision board at this time. While boarding is not new to me, it is the first time I am preparing one at the start of a new year focusing on change with the support of the collective energy of most of our world. So, Happy New Year to You!




  1. Actually, the supposed best time of year to start a New Resolution Calendar is right now. The spring Month of Aries. This actually is the start of the new year and it carries with it all the energies of a new year. I’m uncertain what your beliefs are so here I go. This idea is based upon what Astrologers say!!! It’s worth a try no matter if astrology exists or not. The only thing is that if started now it should ideally be carried at least through the month of May because that’s the sign of Taurus the Bull. They are known for being steadfast and determined. Good Luck, I should follow my own advice and get my Resolution Chart together.

    • Hi informationforager, I totally align with your comment. I have studied astrology although I don’t use the knowledge often so I’m a bit rusty. My personal system starts with Samhain(although I don’t align with any particular pagan group) where I focus on what I want to bring into my life and also what needs to stay behind. This percolates through the dark days of winter and emerges with changes and plans at about the beginning of Spring. I never thought about this way until you posted. Thank you and I love your name. I am a seeker, a seacher and a connector. Namaste

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