Posted by: onefromspirit | November 16, 2010

The Mundane versus the Mindful

A big deadline looming and also planning for my solo retreat has my head spinning around balance. How can one truly live the life of a spiritual seeker when that same being is also a spouse, parent, business owner, friend, painter, etc, etc? I keep coming back to mindfulness and balance. Will a couple of days away give me that balance? No way…but it might give me insight into how to live more tapped into each moment.

I’ve spent the last year working to eradicate drama from my days. I will admit I am attracted to drama and at the same time it repulses me. Is drama my enemy? Is it just another distraction or perhaps a teacher? I have become more mindful of my own drama moments as I have cleared the drama people from my friends and clients. With some of the people I had heartfelt conversations about the why of my actions and most of them acknowledged their patterns but felt powerless to change. By having those conversations, I did begin to see similiarities in behavior patterns in the people who I am drawn and my own behavior. I like to come to the rescue. I’m sure that it helps my ego but more importantly it’s a huge distraction. It’s so important to save the world or the latest drama person friend or client that you can’t possibly stop that to become enlightened or perhaps even just a bit balanced. All of my issues have to be put on the back burner until the crisis, however insane it might be, has been adverted. The problem is that, the issues that were put on the back burner were really placed in a tank with super fertile soil and grow lights. Ignored issues seem to multiply and flourish which makes them even more attractive to defer. I’m sensing a vicious circle here – how about you?


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