Posted by: onefromspirit | August 31, 2010

Life’s Purpose and connecting with your best friend forever – YOU!

So I’ve been thinking a great deal about creative talent and how our lives can support or squash it. How many times have you heard about a great writer, painter, musician, etc that their art had to come out?? There was no way to stop them! I bet there was a way to stop most, if not all of them. Thankfully in some way they were able to make the space and time to do their art. Many times the successful ones have stories about a parent, aunt, brother or mentor that supported and encouraged them to pursue their passion.  I have sung in choirs with people who were incredibly talented and who will never sing professionally and only in the church, school or community choirs as time allows from their busy lives.

I also talk to people often about their life’s purpose and why are “they” here now. Wow wouldn’t it be something if their stifled talent and passion was their life’s purpose. So many people are working on answering that question. There are books about it, retreats you can attend and DVDs you can watch. I believe that we come here either with answers to the questions that need to be answered or the ability to access that information. Although for most of us it seems to be an elusive question. One that takes our whole attention to answer. In these days of power multi-tasking our whole attention can be difficult to maintain. How to hold the focus to answer what might be the single most important question of your current life or to make the space in our busy heads for that answer to come forth. Meditation comes to mind immediately. A friend mentioned years earlier he had attended a silent retreat and that the experience was very helpful for him. I was amazed to find that retreats, silent and otherwise are a hot ticket. Many of the retreats book a year or six months in advance within hours of being announced. Wow, who knew. Many people it seems.

So I want to retreat sooner than six months from now. Can I just go rent a place and call it a self retreat?? How do I do that? So I started looking into what makes a good retreat. A calming beautiful place is a good start. Many retreats are near the ocean or in the mountains.  Normally all of your meals are prepared for you. So you could take prepared foods with you or bring easy to prepare meals focusing on being mindful during that process. One sticky point that comes up in self retreat that I don’t have a solution for yet is what happens if I want to talk to a teacher, master, guru, etc. I spent about three years in a mysteries school taking copious notes and doing homework assignments from my teachers so I one to  never ask for help but I think for this journey alone is maybe the best for me. I truly believe the answers are available to me so they must be. And I will journal and if any questions come up during the retreat I can pursue the answers afterward. So I’m off to find a spot to hang out and spend some time inside me.



  1. I too am intrigued by the idea of a silent self retreat… some day it will happen for me. Best of luck with yours, I hope what you are seeking becomes clear.

    • Hi Christina,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ll blog about how it evolves. I feel encouraged just by the intention of my decision to do one, if that makes sense. I hope you find the time and space for yourself.

      Take care,

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