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Intuition challenge

So I’ve been doing something lately that I thought might be fun for you too. You know how you try to follow your intuition but then don’t. Well, I’m working harder to listen, really listen if you know what I mean. Originally, I was going to challenge myself to 30 days of following my intuition where ever it took me. And then I procrastinated starting the challenge. Now it’s my crazy busy season so I have a great excuse to wait but I don’t want an excuse. I want to start. So I have. So far it’s going well and surprisingly my world didn’t stop turning ~ not yet at least.

I have noticed as the hours turn into days listening gets easier. I have become more relaxed into it. Sort of when you’re meditating and you go a little deeper and then again deeper still. Writing this post for example. I’ve been thinking about posting here for longer than I’ve been doing the challenge but kept putting it off. Today when I felt the push, I just started writing. So I’m sorry if it’s not my best writing. It’s just me saying to you, want to try it too? Warning: you might be moved to a level of honesty you didn’t think was acceptable, hugs will happen, people my cry, you might rest (gasp!)

I would love a check-in. Are there other crazy people out there who aspire to listen?


Posted by: onefromspirit | May 6, 2013

Religion …………….such an illusion

Lately I have been surrounded by religion. Maybe that’s always the case but recently I have been noticing.

A friend’s son died and the service was at “their” Episcopal church. My friend worked for one of the local new age gurus and took all the available courses. I guess I expected the service to reflect that in some way. Instead I was transported back in time. I was raised Episcopal with Roman Catholic accents. Going to the memorial service was like stepping back in time. For me, that was an awful feeling but  please know that nothing terrible happened to me with regard to the Episcopal Church. The Church ladies loved me. It was a safe place for me. But it is not me anymore and hasn’t been for a long, long time.  I think for most people there is a comfort in the familiar and there are some familiars that I cherish too. But not in my study of metaphysics and the nature of reality or should I say non-ordinary reality. There was a part of me that desperately wanted to help them out of their time warp but I realize they don’t want or need my help.

About a week after the church experience, my daughter was invited to a party at a school friend’s house. She has started at a new school and I don’t know the other families. I do have a friend whose daughter was also invited so I asked her about the single Mom who had invited my daughter. She assured me that I had nothing to worry about by saying, Oh, she’s Jewish; no worries. Okay, since when is the fact that someone is Jewish, Christian, Hindu or please insert the religion on the tip of your tongue a test of whether it will be safe for my daughter to attend a party. Haven’t enough horrible things happened in the name of religions that we can stop acting like they are a moral barometer  I am not any of these religions and I have made that choice consciously. I find them all to be a bit like team sports. Highly overrated and people tend to get caught up in them.

I used to attend a metaphysical school and we had a time in the class that was called show and tell. Basically you could share something about your week that felt significant. It could be something funny, poignant, troubling, etc. I miss show and tell. I miss being about to talk opening about my adventure into non-ordinary reality. I am surrounded by religion and am so far out of the box that it all feels foreign and a little crazy to me.

Don’t forget to breathe!

Posted by: onefromspirit | April 3, 2013

When we all get together, what fun it will be!

Life has been interesting since I’ve worked with soul retrieval. For a couple of days afterward, I was so outspoken that I was almost combatant.  And don’t even try to dismiss me. Then there’s the steady stream of information that has been coming my way. I’ve found that many women who have suffered through preeclampsia in their pregnancies have struggled with the same problems that I have. I’ve also found that we’re had a much higher risk for many diseases and conditions. Did my trustworthy doctors share this with me?? No way, I had to read this on the web in medical papers.

What does this mean to me? Someone who believes it’s all energy. Someone who believes living in an illusion creates issues that we usually don’t even realize we have until much later. It means that I’ve been checking in so often to my intuition and my non-ordinary reality peeps that I’m not sure how much I’ve been here.

I’ve had many aha moments but one in particular that I want to share right now. I’ve always heard through my shamanic work and studying that soul fracture, disconnection, loss, etc comes from trauma, pain, fear, etc. I’ve formed a new opinion about this and I realize that this is just my opinion but it just feel right through and through. When we come here we know that there will be trauma, pain, fear, loss and all manner of scary stuff but we have a plan or at least depending on your beliefs, can formulate a plan. I think the fracture comes when we step away and refuse to engage with our path. I’ve even heard people say that they’ve lost their way or even themselves. They need to find themselves. On some level when we give up on the plan, the path, the lesson ~ however you see it, a part of us says that’s fine. I’ll just wait over here until you’re done or until you’re ready to engage again. Let’s engage! And don’t forget to breathe, xo.

Posted by: onefromspirit | March 5, 2013

I haven’t been the same since then….

My sweet baby girl is now a tween and guess what, I have never been the same since she was born. And not in a good way. There was a loss of an in utero baby right before my pregnancy with her and the pregnancy with her ended with preeclampsia. Blessed to have her and still be here but a hard way to go. Whenever I think about what is keeping me stuck my intuition leads me right back to that time.

Lately I’ve been drawn to do more journey work. One journey without any explanation my guides transported me to a dimly, cold underground place where I found a part of me that I had lost. She was afraid and didn’t want to come back. I finally persuaded that she join me again and remarkably didn’t think much more about it, well until now which is several months later. I’ve been seriously thinking about soul retrieval or in my way of seeing it, becoming a whole me again.

In my latest journey, I wanted to ask about the process. Could I do it myself or should I seek the help of another shamanic practitioner? As I asked the question, my Eagle guide picked me up and flew into these huge mountains. It was freezing with snow and sleet coming down in buckets. After we flew higher and higher we came to a ledge and there was a cave. The cave was warm inside thanks to a fire. Inside the cave, there were two fragments of me. One very shy and beautiful and one extremely ancient. They also did not want to come with me. It was pretty cozy in the cave and in a weird way quite peaceful. They were both afraid; life had just become too scary. Too many life and death moments that they still freshly remember. Too many times when I had completely ignored my intuition and deferred to other people when I probably knew better. I explained that many years had passed and that even though that was an extremely hard time, good had come from it. We have an amazing young woman in our lives who is just a delight most days and certainly a teacher everyday. It would be worth it to come back. They reluctantly agreed to fly with me.

The Eagle flew to a place where the mountains met the sea and we flew. The sky was so blue and bright it was mesmerizing. I awoke  feeling different, very disoriented, and then remembered the journey. Although I don’t feel complete just yet, I do feel joyous and on the right path.

Posted by: onefromspirit | January 4, 2013

Out of your brain thinking

You’re in a crisis situation and suddenly you react in a way that is brilliant, only you didn’t think of the solution in your head. You were inspired. You could almost feel the solution come to you. What happened?? Was it your higher self, an angel, your guides, God? I like all of the above or does it really matter where it comes from. For some people the where is all important but I’m not sure that we have a large enough perspective in our current space to know that answer in the here now.  So, for me anyway, I think the better goal would be how to tap into that energy on a more consistent basis.

What works? For me I’ve found that the more mindful I become, the more out-of-the-brain thinking seems to occur. There are many paths to mindfulness. Meditations for everyone. You can do sitting, walking, chanting, movement meditations like Qi gong, guided visualization or vibrational meditation just to name a few types. Also within each type there are many possibilities.  There is a path to mindfulness for you. Explore what speaks to you.

Another thing that helps me with mindfulness is having a clear out. Cleaning up the outer clutter seems to help my inner clutter find some order. I also feel more connected to everything when I’ve cleaned, sorted, donated and freecycled. It’s about making space but it’s also about sharing the possessions that I no longer need or want with others who do.

You don’t need a crisis to tap into this energy. I think that perhaps when we’re in that stressed state our brain chatter stops long enough for some inspiration to get though. Practice feeling the connection to that energy, regardless of what you name it. Find some quiet time and reach out or better yet quietly settle in and invite it to come to you. Find that space within you to expand to the possibilities and don’t forget to breathe.

Love & Light

Posted by: onefromspirit | November 6, 2012

Free Will, Part 2

After my previous posting about free will, two articles from authors I love came to me. Thank you Universe! I needed that.

So my thoughts on Free Will are yes we have Free Will, at least on the level of will I have tofu scramble or pancakes for breakfast. I pondered for a bit over writing this follow-up post. I chose to write the follow-up. It was interesting to me to see that after reading my post yesterday that several bloggers wrote their own posts on Free Will. Cosmically, I think it gets more complicated than we can grasp from our limited perspective although we get some mind-blowing fragments at times. I do believe that all will be okay, is okay, was okay and that Kelly Sammy in her near death experience being told that we can’t make a mistake here probably means just that. We are here to experience and no lasting harm can come from that experience.  Hey, don’t forget to breathe.

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Free will or not

So, somehow, being on this planet for five decades, I’ve always held that there is free will. It was never an issue for me during all my reading, studying, exploring and then I watched a series of videos from the woman named Kelly Sammy about her near death experience. I’m not sure why but her insistence that there is no free will has me perplexed.

No free will; then why bother, oh wait, I guess it’s not up to me because there’s no free will. So this whole journey was planned out before with no variations, no room for Plan B, really? How about the times when I am just caught up in day-to-day who cares blah, blah, blah? That was planned? Why? There isn’t a better use of Universal energy than that. Even the thought makes me somewhat sad.

All of the work with my guides, was that planned or are they part of my illusion of free will. Why have the illusion of free will? Why come at all??? What do you think. And please don’t forget to breathe.


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Happy Samhain!!! Time for some introspection…

Sitting in my favorite spot, I feel buffeted by the wind on each side. The swirling and pushing. The noise in my ears. But there is no wind for I am inside snug as a bug in a rug. The winds I feel are all of the perceptions that I am aware of at this time. I am board surfing from insight to insight.

While I am attempting to fulfill my many “roles” in this life, I am but an observer of the role, the me and the play. Not from some far off place, but the me that is here or there, attempting to take whatever action, reaction, position that is expected. In the past, when I have been acutely aware of roles, I have been an outside observer. Now, I have made some shift and I am here fulfilling the actions but no longer of the role. I am aware of what “me” in the role would do, say, feel, be but the I am not in the role does not feel inclined to do, say, feel, be anything of the same sort. There is a level of honesty that is staggering. There is the realization of the perception of the perception of the perception; the ultimate expression of infinity.

Honesty to me is a way of life. I don’t normally hold back even when there is fear. If I have something that needs to said, then I say it but this is much deeper, more raw. You would think offensive but not so although I have received even more double takes than usual. There is an inherent humor and compassion within the honesty. Probably a true deep love of what is, what has been and what could be in the now that is this moment. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe.

Posted by: onefromspirit | October 12, 2012

Sorting, perceiving, feeling, reacting…

Typically I thought that I sorted by self but recently I’ve discovered that I do and will sort by others. Just a very few others. Why? Because for the most part people just don’t get me. I can listen to a conversation with other people about “life” and have what I think is a relate-able experience so I share and I almost always get the deer in the headlights look. The rare times that doesn’t happen we talk six hours until we’ve exhausted ourselves and really need to get back to the outside world. And it really is back to the outside world that is alien compared to the synergy that just occurred. These people are always special to me even if I never see them again. Then there are the people who I think I should have that connection with but it never really happens. There are whispers of it happening but then not. These are the people who sometimes cause me great angst because they fall into the others that I sort by but we don’t really have a real connection. They don’t really get me and I don’t really get them but we want to. We try repeatedly but the magic doesn’t happen. More likely than not it’s a painful relationship. Can your relate?

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Skepticism, negativity, happiness, joy… are all choices. We can decide how we want to view the world. Are we open to the possibilities? Can we continually experience our beliefs or are they cast in stone? Yes new beliefs reside in the unknown and when explored many times fear raises to the surface. The same fear that many of us thought we dealt with long ago is right there. It is okay, it will be okay, hasn’t it always been okay?? Even in the darkest moments. In Dylan Thomas’ poem about death, the line “Do not go gentle into that good night”, can also be applied to that exploratory fear. Rage against that fear, love that fear, embrace that fear but whatever you do don’t let it stop you. It is an illusion. The fear is worst that any outcome. Don’t forget to breathe.

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